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School Council 2017 - 2018


Year 4                  Penguins                          Polar Bears



Year 3                  Otters                                Foxes



Year 2                  Kangaroos                        Koalas



Year 1                 Pandas                                Tigers



Congratulations to all of our new School Council. We look forward to hearing their ideas for helping make the school a better place!


Posters Competition - Winners!!!!


Thank you to all the children who made posters for the Anti-Bullying week!

The winners have been chosen and the prizes were handed out during today's assembly. 

A big thank you to PALS for contributing to the budget for the prizes.


Here are our thoughts from the children who participated in the Posters Competition:


'I made the poster because I want all people to stop bullying and take care of each other.  I want everyone to be nice to people around them and respect the environment'.  -  Year 3 - 1st prize Posters Competition Winner




'I made my poster because I wanted children to be friends and stay together.' - Year 2 - 1st Prize winner Posters Competition 


'I am really excited because I won a prize for my anti-bullying poster. I would like to take part in more competitions like this' - Year 2 4th place in Posters competition



'I was really nervous because I din't know what to do for my poster, but in the end I decided to write: Think before you say anything because it could hurt other people's feelings'.   - Year 4 - Winner of the 2nd prize Posters Competition



Well done everyone!

If you didn't win, never mind! Get ready for the next competition that School Councillors will announce soon!

Songs and Story Competition - Winners!!!


Teams of children worked really hard writing their own songs and stories for the second Anti-Bullying competition: Songs and story writing. After 3 weeks of practise, the big day was today, when they needed to perform in front of the whole school, during assembly. 

Congratulations to all of them and many thanks to the esteemed jury who had a very difficult mission choosing the best of them all, when all of them were the best!


Here are our thoughts from the winners:


'Doing the song and posters competition was really fun because I had my friends and they helped me not to get nervous. I really wanted to win a prize so I tried to be good at singing. I feel really good to be in this school and this competition seems like a long journey.

Lawnside is the best school ever!' 

 Year 3 - 3rd prize, with the song 'Today I Don't Want to Be Bullied'.







Well done everyone! Get ready! The next competition will be announced soon.