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School Council 2016


Year 4                  Penguins                          Polar Bears

                           Angel Usher                      Tom Ross

                                     Max Hindry                         Autumn-Haze Sanders


Year 3                  Otters                                Foxes

                          Ayzah Asif                           Erin-Beth Lakin

                    Matthew Finnaughty               Feidlim Supple


Year 2                  Kangaroos                        Koalas

                       James Murdoch                    Kimora Russell

                       Ivy Skeggs                             Jake Carey


Year 1                 Pandas                                Tigers

                         Olivia Swift                          Amber Merridale

                      Greyson Delaney                   Cody Cuzner


Congratulations to all of our new School Council. We look forward to hearing their ideas for helping make the school even better!