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Pastoral Support and Nurture Groups

At Lawnside School we recognise that children who feel confident and good about themselves are much more able to succeed.  Nurture is at the very heart of our school.  We run several nurture groups as well as Dinosaur School which is based on the Webster-Stratton Incredible Years Therapeutic Dinosaur School programme. Underpinning these nurture groups is the understanding that:


  • All behaviour is communication
  • Transitions are significant in the lives of children
  • Nurture is important for the building of self-esteem and confidence
  • Children have the right to feel valued as an individual and need to be heard


The Dinosaur School programme comprises a six week programme covering:


  • Making new friends and learning school rules
  • Understanding and detecting feelings
  • Dina Dinosaur teaches how to do your best in school
  • Detective Wally teaches problem-solving steps
  • Molly Manners teaches how to be friendly and how to talk to friends.


Wally, Molly and Dina Dinosaur are puppets. 


In addition to this, we run SEAL Club on a Tuesday and Thursday during lunch time; a quiet place for children to come and enjoy some quality one-to-one time.  Mrs. Bell is also able to offer 'Talking and Drawing Therapy' for children identified as needing some extra support emotionally.  If you feel that your child would benefit from some additional support, please do not hesitate to make contact.