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Maths: Add by counting on; practical problems and reasoning

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Fractions - Finding a half of a shape and of a number

Money - 20.11.2017

Greetings from Africa - Children wrote postcards to their families after they had 'visited' Zambia through drama, music and dance. 'Dear grandad, Yesterday I visited Zambia and had a swim in Victoria Forlls. Tomorrow I will visit the Safari Park and see some elephants. I will go to the market and bort some food. It was exciting in Zambia! Would you like to come to Zambia too? Love, Toby'


Royal visit - Writing a recount using time words and adjectives. 'First we waited for Sir Richard III to come. Sir Richard was tall and smart. Next we bowed and curtsid. Then we asked Sir Richard III some questions and Chloe asked two questions. After that we rote our names in the big and hevy Royal visitor's book. Finally we had a Royal bankwit with choklat biskits and sweet cakes.' Chloe and Maisy

Teen Numbers have a group of 10

Numbers in the Teens

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10) A place value song for kids that you can sing with the whole of your family.