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How will Lawnside Lower School support my child when they join the school? When they leave the school? And when they move class?

Many strategies are in place to enable pupil's transition to be as smooth as possible.  These include:


  • Discussions between the previous or receiving schools prior to the pupil joining/leaving.
  • On joining or leaving Lawnside all pupils attend transition sessions where they spend time with their new class teacher.
  • Additional visits are also arranged for pupils who need extra time to feel comfortable in their new school or classroom.
  • Mr Smith (Head Teacher), Mrs Hanmer (SENDCo), Mrs Bell (Pastoral Support Officer) and the class teacher are always willing to meet parents/carers prior to their child joining, whilst at Lawnside or when leaving the school.
  • Middle school staff visit pupils prior to Year 4 joining their new school and the Year 4 pupils visit the Middle schools during their last year at Lawnside to ensure they are familiar with their new environment.
  • The SENDCo and class teacher liaise with the SENDC0s/other teachers from the receiving schools to pass on information regarding SEND pupils and other pupils' needs.
  • Where a pupil may have more specialised needs, a separate meeting may be arranged with the SENDCo and the class teacher to discuss their requirements and any additional needs.