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How will I know how my child is doing at school and how will you help me to support my child's learning?

We support and involve parents and carers in their child's learning both formally and informally.  This may include :-


  • Your child's class teacher being available at the end of each day if you wish to raise a concern.  Appointments can be made to speak in more detail to the class teacher or SENDCo by contacting the school office or speaking to the in person.
  • Parent's Evenings and/or termly review meetings to discuss progress, your child's IPP and/or the SEND Plan and agree the next steps for school and home.
  • Parents and carers will be given copies of all reports written by specialists and these can be discussed with the SENDCo.
  • Parents and carers will be given copies of IPP and/or SEND Support Plan which detail interventions and targets in place for your child.
  • Your child's class teacher may suggest different ways in which you can support your child at home, both with homework and individual areas of need.
  • A written annual report will be given out at the end of each year.
  • Meetings with outside agencies as appropriate.
  • We may be able to recommend parenting courses/advice through external agencies and local groups.